Making of Ghost in the Shell

Collaborative Project

- Tribute to × Mamoru Oshii × Masamune Shirow -



Initial Concept and CG Mech Head


First 3D assets on the project was a loose concept of the Mech head shown below. Concept by Furio Tedeschi.

Once the photo shoot was done with the actress, a 3D model was generated to match proportions and likeness of the actress.

3D model was then detailed and finalized using zbrush.

Cable neck area column modeled by Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov and Valentin Sorokin.


Final Head Renders

Mech Head Model by Furio Tedeschi.

Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov in collaboration with Valentin Sorokin created the neck area cable column and cables.

Christopher James Ford on shaders, lighting and render set up done in Maya as well as first pass of post process.
Additional post-process by Gavriil Afanaysev Klimov.

Mech Body Double

Initial base body model by Hanno Hagedorn used as temp mesh for setting up shots and matching various poses from photo shoot.

Final mech body modeled, detailed and posed by Colin Thomas.

Head by Furio Tedeschi.


CG Environments

The environment was a big team working involving Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov, Valentin Sorokin and Vaughan Ling. Some of the environments were created by all three artists on the same geometry.

Additional Videos

The first video is a general making of with stills and 3D process, while video below is a timelapse of the shading and lighting set up executed by Chris James Ford on the bust scene.
Thanks to Kirill Chepizhko and Maxim Bashlaev for the video editing.

Special thanks  to Juice for animation of head at the ending

Contact / Credits

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